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July 21, 2009

A D.I.Y dream

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I have recently gotten into this phrase where I am desperate to do something to occupy myself. Ans since i love the crafts, i thought, what better way to occupy oneself! Now i spend all my time making something that i can enjoy. More often than not, it comes out looking bad. But now, i have mastered the blooper avoiding… i decided to share with you what i have made.
I have a weakness for knitting with two or three threads. I live in a place where good quality and variety is unavailable. So, I have to resort to other tactics to make me creations look exciting.

For example, only recently, i made this little purse. It is something that i made so that i could hold a lot of things in one place. It looks tiny, but holds a lot.

Cast On(CO)

Three complimenting yarn colors(Any weight)
Size 5 needles
An old Brass button
Wool Needle

CO 21 stitches.
Row 1-KN2, PU2, KN3, PU2, KN3, PU2, KN3, PU2, KN2
Row 2-PU2, KN2, PU3, KN2, PU3, KN2, PU3, KN2, PU2
Repeat till you have a length of 10 inches.
Bind off knitwise and let the threads hang loose. Do not weave them in…they are to be used to stitch the sides together.
Decide which side of the pattern you want outside and the fold the outside over, thread the needle with the remaining wool and stitch the sides together(better do a double stitch because this is a purse) After finishing off both sides turn it over. Now do the same for the top.
Attach the button to the bottom center. Now take the threads and braid them. then, attach them to the top flap.


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