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August 21, 2009

Chilli Mustard Pasta

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I made this one day when i was feeling terribly down. I had nothing to do and was bored. So, I decided to clean out my shelves. I found an old box of pasta which was going to expire in two more months. I thought that i might as well finish it off now. I looked in my fridge and found one tomato, one carrot, a clove of garlic, mustard sauce, Thai chilly sauce and half an onion.
So i decided to make up a recipe to try it out and it came out quite well. I loved it and so did mama. Therefore, i decided to share it.
It serves one as a meal and two as a snack.
Chilli Mustard Pasta
A handful of Penne pasta
One Carrot (skin removed and grated)
One Tomato chopped and mashed
Half an onion chopped
One glove of garlic, crushed
Two tablespoons of mustard sauce
One tablespoon of Thai Chilli sauce
To boil the pasta add it to boiling hot water to which a little salt has been added. There are usually many ways of doing this but i usually wait for the pasta to rise to know if it’s been cooked.

Fry the onions in extra virgin olive oil(half spoon). Add the garlic and the carrots and continue frying for a minute, stir occasionally. Now add the tomatoes, Thai sauce and let it sit for a bit.
In the meantime, drain the pasta and pour cold water over the pasta and drain the water again. Now add the pasta to the vegetables and pour the mustard sauce. Stir for a bit, add salt and then remove it from the stove.
Serve immediately.
I had it with lemonade. It tastes lovely together.
Hope you enjoy making this. Let me know. Comment!
See ya!


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